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Facial Milia: How to Prevent Them

Published February 23, 2013 by teacher dahl


According to Dermadoctor, Milia are “deep seeded” white bumps that occur due to clogs pores. You can often find milia on your face, particularly in the eye ring area and on top of your cheek bones, even though they can occur anywhere on your face.

Facial milia exist as a common occurrence, and a common re-occurrence, with many people. Lots of remedies for facial milia exist for the already-present facial milia. However, how does one go about preventing facial milia? Here are some tips for helping you prevent facial milia:

Avoid fatty foods. Fatty foods such as cheese, milk, and fried foods contribute to the forming of facial milia because these types of food help clog your pores. So, next time you take a bite of something, think about what that food product consists of before you actually take a bite. If the food product you are about to eat contains a lot of oil or fat, don’t eat it. Choose another food product with less oil and fat. Your skin will thank you for it.

Exfoliate your skin. It really fails to be enough to just wash your skin everyday. You really need to exfoliate it well at least once per day. You can buy a good exfoliating cleanser, or you can go the cheaper route and use a good over-the-counter cleanser and a sturdy wash cloth. Any Aveeno cleanser works well because Aveeno nourishes your skin and does not clog pores. Use this cleanser and a good wash cloth to scrub your face well on a daily basis to remove dead skin and trapped dirt.

Condition your pores. Make sure that you take at least one steamy bath or shower per day, with the bathroom door closed. The steam helps to open up your facial pores, and you can scrub out the trapped dirt easily when your facial pores open up. Too, if you need to perform any facial extractions, this serves as a good time to do it because facial impurities tend to surface when your facial pores open up. Just be sure to scrub behind your facial extractions to remove any trapped dirt that you missed.

Moisturize properly. Lots of moisturizers exist on the market today, and lots of companies claim to offer the best moisturizer. You can choose a pricey moisturizer as long as it does not clog your skin pores. Why not save your wallet, though, and choose Aveeno moisturizing products because Aveeno does not clog up your skin pores, and you can get Aveeno products at many grocery stores, as well as at Wal-Mart and Target. Regular cleaning and moisturizing can go a long way in preventing facial Milia.

*Don’t forget to monitor your fatty food intake, as well.


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