Car Care Tips

Published September 5, 2015 by teacher dahl

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The technology in today’s vehicles has become so sophisticated, many drivers are unaware of how their vehicle’s systems actually work.

  • Although it is not important for drivers to completely understand these systems, it is important to have a basic understanding of the systems and components that have the greatest impact on safety, dependability and performance.
  • Regular maintenance is the key to continued performance and safety, as well as protection from costly repairs.
  • Always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for detailed recommended service intervals.

Don’t Commit this Top Five Car Care Mistakes

1. Leaving Winter Tires on Too Long. Yes, winter tires do offer you the best handing and traction in snow, but at a price. Using winter tires on dry roads will cause excessive wear and mean you’ll have to change them more frequently, costing you money.

2. Missing Scheduled Oil Changes. We agree that modern cars don’t need oil changes every 3,000 miles, but you do want to get them when your vehicles maintenance schedule requires them. Following this car care tip may cost you a few extra dollars for oil changes, but it will prevent more costly repairs of worn engine parts in the future.

3. Not Replacing Worn Wiper Blades. Most car care tips about wiper blades are pretty straight forward, yet many drivers put off this simple and crucial maintenance item. When you wipers are worn and streaking your visibility is decreased and this puts you, your passengers and other on the road with you in danger, so get them changed.

inflate tires

4. Improper Tire Rotation and Inflation. Most car care tips advise checking your tire pressure regularly; once a month being a common interval. Under-inflated tires decrease fuel efficiency and put you at 3X greater risk of an accident. A tire pressure gauge is cheap and air can be pumped free at many gas stations and service departments.
5. Not Replacing Dirty Air Filters. This car care tip is a big one that we often forget. A dirty air filter decreases engine performance and fuel efficiency. It can also lead to future engine problems than can be costly repairs.


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