Eleven (11) Totally Brilliant Health Cures You Never Knew

Published December 19, 2014 by teacher dahl


1. Ban coffee and spice to keep smelling nice
If you suffer from excessive sweating, changing your diet could help. As well as stimulating your taste buds, spicy foods and strong coffee can also spur your sweat glands into action. “Caffeine and spices can activate neurotransmitters, called acetylcholine, which are located in your brain,” says Kelley Redbord, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist. “Anything that stimulates these neurotransmitters can sometimes affect the glands that cause sweating.”

sun shine
2. Let the sun banish your bruises
Have you ever noticed bruises disappear quicker on holiday? That’s because sunshine helps break them up. Ultra violet rays break down bilirubin, which is the product of a haemoglobin breakdown that causes the yellowish colour of a bruise. Bruises can also be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency – a vitamin that we get from the sun – so as well helping bruises heal, some sunbathing could also help prevent further problems.

3. See the back of your spots with aspirin
We know aspirin can help prevent heart attacks but it seems they can also help with spots thanks to the salicylic acid, which constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation. Crush a tablet and mix into a paste using water then apply to spots and redness. Cover the area with a plaster and after 30 minutes everything should be less visible.

stick tongue out
4. Stick your tongue out to hiccups
Hiccups can be funny at first but if a shock or drinking your drink upside down doesn’t stop them, then sticking your tongue out could. Hiccups occur when the diaphragm contracts quickly causing air to be sucked in, which in turn snaps the vocal cord shut and makes the ‘hiccup’ sound.
Sticking your tongue out can cure the problem because it stimulates the opening between the vocal cords, which in turn helps stop  the spasms.

5. Prevent body odor and bites with your deodorant
When insects strike we don’t always have bite sprays to hand – but there’s something else which may be able to help.
Rubbing alcohol on the bite can help dry it out and reduce the itch, while deodorant can also immediately relieve any discomfort. That’s because these contain aluminium chloride, which is effective in stopping the pain and swelling associated with mosquito bites.

olive oil
6. Olive Oil – good for the heart and the skin
Everyone has Olive Oil in their cupboard and as well as being a must in the kitchen it also has real healing properties for Eczema sufferers. It moisturizes for starters but is also packed with antioxidants that can help soothe flare-ups, when applied directly to the area. It can also help prevent and repair damage that can lead to wrinkles and brown spots.
tea bags7. A tea a day keeps puffy eyes at bay
Puffy eyes can be a real irritation, especially during the summer months, but there are plenty of quick fixes if you’re not planning cosmetic surgery. Tea bags are perfect for helping reduce swelling thanks to the natural tannins, which act as an astringent – just make sure you cool them down first!

vodka8. Wipe away your smelly feet – with vodka!
If you suffer with smelly feet, wiping them down with an alcohol soaked cloth could help. As well as being an antiseptic to kill off any fungus and bacteria, the alcohol also dries too. This will prevent the moisture that can act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

duct tape9. Banish warts with duct tape
No one likes suffering with warts, so the news that duct tape gets rid of them quicker than freezing them off is great news. A study published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found it eliminated 85% of the warts after 2 months, compared with 60% with the freezing method because chemicals in the tape suffocate and kill the unsightly growth. Every three days the tape was removed and dead skin filed down …more

10. Honey – the perfect sweetener after a burn
Honey is a real multi-tasker and something we should all have in the cupboard – not least for when we are craving a sweet treat – but it is also a great relief for burns. As well as drawing out fluid, scientists at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand (published by the Cochrane Library) found it encouraged the body to shed old skin and grow new skin in its place.

source: yahoo she

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