Hair down there: Should you wax it, shave it or leave it?

Published May 27, 2014 by teacher dahl


Should you “touch” your hair down there or leave it alone?

It’s no longer unusual to see ladies lining up to get Brazilians.
No, they’re not getting a pair of flipflops, nor hot, hunky Latinos.
The latest trend in feminine pampering is to fully remove one’s pubic hair, which is popularly called a Brazilian wax.
Aside from waxing, there are other methods of removing pubic hair such as shaving, sugaring or trimming.

Which method is best? And should women really shave themselves bare down there?
Just like hair in other parts of the body — like the eyelashes and nose hair — pubic hair was placed there for a reason.

  • The cushion of curly hair is ideal for trapping dirt and bacteria. It’s sponge-like texture also creates a space between the skin and underwear to prevent excessive body heat and sweating. This allows for better air circulation to prevent skin infection.
  • Strictly speaking, leaving your pubic hair to grow in peace is the best choice.
  • But due to the strong influence of fashion and changes in our culture, along with the shrinkage of the swimsuit, denuding the pubic area seems to be the popular choice.

1. Shaving .   

Shaving is the most common method to remove pubic hair. It has the risk of causing skin infection due to tiny nicks      and cuts from the blade. Reuseable blades are discouraged since they may harbor bacteria. If shaving is your chosen  method, pick a disposable, single-use razor. Even in the operating room, shaving of body hair is discouraged because of the reasons mentioned above.
2. Trimming
 Trimming has been shown to cause less infection and less cuts on the skin. It is not too popular for the partner,               though, because the tiny hairs tend to scratch his sensitive skin during sex.

3. Brazilian waxing
  That’s why Brazilian waxing has become the new favorite. A warm wax is applied to the vulva and allowed to harden.   This is similar to the sugaring method. The dried wax or sugar is then pulled off along with the pubic hair all the way down to the hair follicles.

                           It can be an excruciatingly painful experience but many suffer willingly through this process because the hairlessness lasts longer. Be very meticulous in choosing your waxing salon. Some centers reuse their wax on several clients and some technicians don’t even use gloves while plucking the excess hairs missed by the wax. Ewww!

If you must choose to lose the hair down there:

1. Watch out for skin inflammation, minor burns, scarring, ingrown hairs, bumps and infected hair follicles.

2. Avoid washing your pubic area for 3 to 6 hours so that bacteria from water will not enter the pores and cuts.

3. Apply antibiotic ointment to areas that seem red and inflamed.

4. Be extra conscious of personal hygiene especially during menstruation since you no longer have the hair to protect the vagina. Removing pubic hair may look more appealing but beauty comes with a price. It’s your choice.


source : Yahoo She

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