Tips on Bra Fitting and Some Signs on Wrong Bra Size

Published January 29, 2014 by teacher dahl



There were Six common signs that indicated why ladies might be wearing the wrong size bra, here we share them:

1. The ‘double boob’ effect
This is when your breasts spill over the bra and creates extra bumps. If you wear a clingy top or t-shirt and stand sideways in front of a mirror you can see this effect. There should always be a smooth line from top to bottom.


2. The bra rides up at the back
The bra band should always sit horizontal around your rib cage. When the band is too lose it can ride up the back, tipping at the front, and if wearing an underwire these start to dig in the breast under the arms.


3. Bra straps dig into the shoulders or cause indentations
Bra’s are designed to take 90% of the breast weight through the rib cage balanced by the bra band around your back, just 10% of the lift is taken by the straps. When the wrong band size is worn then this puts extra pressure on the straps with can cause them to dig in, being uncomfortable and leaving indentations over time.


4. Bruising around the rib cage
Although we have found this to be rare, bruising is certainly not a good sign. Naturally temporary superficial marks can be normal when wearing an underwire bra, but these should disappear shortly after removing your bra. However permanent bruising is a sign that the bra is too tight.


5. Neck, upper back or breast pain

There is huge debate over the medical benefits of wearing a bra, I would always suggest you do what’s comfortable and makes you feel good. But for some we can’t ignore the weight of a woman’s breasts, the job of the bra was to aid supporting them. Neck or upper back pain is one sign that the weight remains unsupported, think of carry something heavy it’s just the same. Some women have been found to experience pains within the breasts as the tendons stretch in supporting the weight. Now here’s a little biology lesson, the breasts have coopers ligaments that run top to bottom, over time these stretch, the right size bra can help to lift and support these tendons from stretching and thus causing the breasts to sag and avoiding breast pain (Lindsey Brown, 2010).


6. The centre of the bra doesn’t sit flat
The mid section of the bra should always sit flat on your breastbone, this is crucial to the structure and support of the bra. If the cups are too small the breasts can push the centre of the bra out, leaving a gap.

A trained bra fitter will use a series of these checks to adjust your bra size until she finds the one for you. Below is a simplified table of this troubleshooting process – although does not allow for anomalies.


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