Tricks That Brightens Eyes

Published December 29, 2013 by teacher dahl


It’s beyond easy.

1. Start with a shimmery eyeshadow

Bare skin naturally reflects light, so you want to coat your lids with a shadow that has some sheen to it. Choose a neutral color, like champagne for fair or olive skin or gold for dark skin. Sweep it from your lashes to the brow bone.


2. Define the crease

As you get older, the skin on your brow bones droops, which makes you look tired. Blend a matte taupe shadow (use brown on darker skin) into the crease of your lid: The flat, dark color creates a shadow that will give your eyes the illusion of a lift.


3.Line your top lids

Eyeshadow without eyeliner never looks quite as good. And if you use a brown pencil, the effect is really subtle. Draw a thin line along your top lashes, sketching it in little dashes, then use your finger or a cotton swab to blend.


4. Do a little on the bottom

Take the same shadow you applied in your crease and brush a light amount under your lower lashes. This also makes any puffiness less noticeable.


5. Finish with mascara

Brush it on your top and bottom lashes for extra eye-widening power.

source: Redbook

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