Why Do Feet Smell?—How to Prevent it Effectively

Published March 22, 2013 by teacher dahl

smelly feet

So, why do feet smell? Well, it is all due to bacteria that feed on sweat and make feet stinky. Bacterias are attracted towards the sweat on your feet and starts feeding on them. These bacteria get rid of waste on your feet which are in the form of organic acids. These organic acids have a strong pungent odor due to which your feet smell bad and it .

· 5 Steps to Fresher-Smelling Feet

Smelly feet seem to be the part of daily routine for many people. Some take it seriously and some just ignore it. However, doctors opine that we can easily fight with chronic foot smell by following some simple tips and techniques.

· To begin with what the doctors say about the treatment of chronic foot odor, you need to treat this problem more scientifically. They suggest the smelly feet victims to wash their feet on a daily basis using antibacterial soap. After washing, it is important to dry the feet completely.

· Drink a lot of water. It is a better way to fight body odor.

· Do not wear synthetic socks but a clear pair of socks, made with absorbent material, such as cotton.

· Spray your feet regularly with a usual antiperspirant and shower foot powder in your shoes. 3 Ways ToStop Facial Sweating By Taking Advantage Of Your Brain

· Do not wear the pair of shoes for two days consequently.

· The sneaker wearers should interchange between two pairs to make it dry out for a while.

· While indoors, wash your feet and prefer going barefoot. Wearing sandals is also a best alternative.

· To fight off the smell, you should wash your feet with green tea. They have been confined in the overpowering construction boots all day.Six Natural Stress Reducers

· Take bath with baking soda, along with a few teaspoons of vinegar, by soothing for feet and lessens foot odor.

· Dust your feet once or twice, using cornstarch or powder.

· Take some turnip juice or radish juice and try rubbing your feet with it. Being natural deodorants, these juices are excellent mediums of fighting body odor.

· Supposedly taking a bath with some ginger for a long time helps one to sweat and rid body of toxins buy some ginger root-mash it up and use the juice and rub it on your feet.

· Paraffin treatment is another good idea to fight body odor. In this method, the professional waxes the bottom of one’s feet using the melted down cooled wax.

· Buy and use some acne soap on your feet. It is a special soap that is anti bacteria and helps to fight with body toxics.Top 5 Ways Of Dealing With Acne Scarring

· Trying out the zinc supplements is another good idea to deal with smelly feet. You may feel certain deficiency or it can be a big immune adherent.

Tips to Prevent Stinky Feet

You can prevent yourself from the embarassment of having stinky feet by following certain tips. They are:

· Foot powderor a disinfectant spray:You should apply a good foot powder or a disinfectant spray. This will help to keep your feet dry and will also help to destroy the bacteria. You can also buy an additional antibacterial soap to keep it more dry and hygenic. Before wearing your socks , do keep it in your mind, that your feet should be dry. Sometime people are lazy and they don’t bother to dry their feet especially between the fingers and toes.Simple Tips Save Money on Beauty Products

· Avoid smelly shoes:

Don’t wear smelly shoes. Avoid wearing the same shoe daily, as they tends to become damp and wet with sweat. Try to dry your shoes regularly under the sun after you have used. Do have a habit of wearing sandals as they don’t cover the feet much and help to keep your feet fresh and dry.Tricks For Women to Choose a Pair of Shoes

· Wear Socks:

Some of us usually like to wear sneakers without shoes, as it is stylish and makes us feel fresh . But its a bad practice, one should not go out without wearing socks with his or her sneakers. This may be comfortable but without socks , the sweat of your feet stays in the shoes, making it smelly and bacterial prone. Cotton socks or woolen socks are both effective and comfortable, you can also go for anti-bacterial, breathable cotton socks which are available in the market.

3 comments on “Why Do Feet Smell?—How to Prevent it Effectively

  • I’ve heard vinegar should also work. But even better: Zederna insoles made from cedarwood. You just wear them inside your shoes and you get a very fresh aroma (like menthol). The plus: They also prevent you from getting athlete’s foot, nail fungus or other foot disorders. Maybe you try these insoles. They provide a special money-back-guarantee online.


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