How You Can Easily Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You

Published February 22, 2013 by teacher dahl

fall in love together

Can I Make My Crush Fall in Love With Me? Here is How You Can Easily Make Your Crush Fall in Love with you.

Generally, men/women never fall for those who are too aggressive. Though men/women like to be chased, they still want to feel challenged and make their own move to win the heart of that special person. General rules apply for men and women when it comes to attraction. Choose what will work best through these following suggestions:

Love yourself for your crush to love you in return 
This is a universal rule in attraction. Always show that confidence and never show any signs of dependency or weakness. Men like women who are never afraid of what and who they are and vice versa.

Be patient; take it one step a time 
Assuming that he is still not attracted or caught by the love bug, give him/her time to think about it by reciprocating the interest showed to him. Spend more time with him and make every moment count.

Trying too hard will not make things better
Don’t exert too much to catch his attention. It is also suggested to keep calm and never force the issue. He will notice every single step made and he will learn about it at the right time. Make him fall in love without pre-empting his feelings. Love is best enjoyed when there is a mutual agreement of the situation.

Confidence will never fail you
Always be cool and never show any act of desperation. Men dig women who know what they want and believe in what they do and vice versa. Talk smart, speak eloquently and be sensible in any conversation.

Add a dash of mystery and guessing game

Make him/her become more interested by playing that guessing game. As much as men are thrilled when women don’t show too much about themselves, women also enjoy this set-up. Both genders want challenges and they want to win a boy/girl with their own efforts.

Learn more about him to show that he is desired
Sometimes men like the attention. They are flattered when a woman knows about their favorite food, favorite activities and anything that is important about them.


10 comments on “How You Can Easily Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You

  • “Add a dash of mystery and guessing game” – Yeah, it does challenge my decoding ability and makes me a detective of sorts.

    “Trying too hard will not make things better” – Exactly why I don’t force her. But yeah, no matter how hard we both try to be casual, classmates who see us talking still tease us behind. What the hell!

    “Be patient, take it one step at a time” – She really won’t notice right now, especially since I’m not yet making my serious moves. 🙂


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