Tips For All College Relationships

Published February 2, 2013 by teacher dahl


1. Never force a relationship.
It seems all too often that students, especially freshmen, get all caught up in the hype of the exciting new college life and want to rush into a relationship for the various perks. A guy and a girl see each other at a party, event, or club and find each other attractive. The next thing you know it, the two are hooking up and then one of them is trying to push for a relationship within the first couple weeks of knowing each other. This idea that a hookup will become your soulmate is getting to peoples’ heads. Unfortunately, most love scenarios are not just like the movies and you shouldn’t try to force one like a movie. Take a breath, slow down, and look at it from above. Sometimes you just have to accept that some relationships are short and brief.

2. Trust & First Impressions.
For a lot of people, their lives from childhood to highschool were filled with a lot of the same people. But in college, it’s so much different. You literally know nothing about someone when you first see them, and your first impressions are not always right. Just be careful – even if it feels like you’ve known someone for a long time, it hasn’t been long enough. Make sure you completely get to know someone so there’s no surprises. Good surprises are fine, but watch out for the bad ones – they are often deal breakers!
Never, ever judge someone when you first meet them in college. You don’t know anyone. Seriously. The football jock who you think would never be friends with you could end up being a math nerd who you have so much in common with. Keep an open mind – anything and any relationship is possible in college.

3. Do Not Mention Exes.
When you go to college, other people really do not care what you did in high school. Your past relationships are really not an exception, particularly with someone you’re interested in or recently in a relationship with. Don’t go on about your past.

4. Go on real dates.
Don’t become that girl who is just a booty call, or that guy who never takes a girl on a date. Just do it. It’s so much better for you in the end.

5. Living Conditions.
Do not move in with your significant other in college. Period.

6. Don’t try to change someone.
This is a little like high school. You cannot change people or “fix” people, especially not in college when people become more independent.

7. Make time for yourself and your friends.
This might sound messed up, but at the end of the day, you should be focusing on yourself and the people you become close with. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is definitely important and you should be sure to remind him/her of that often, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend every waking moment with him/her. While your significant other is likely just temporary (sorry to break it to you, but most college relationships don’t last for eternity), your friends and your own self-discoveries will follow you for the rest of your life.

8. Mind games are for children.
If someone’s playing games with you of any sort (you know what I’m talking about) then don’t waste even your time. End of story.

9. Don’t go back and forth with someone.
We all know that one couple that breaks up then gets back together every other day. They simply can’t decide on a final outcome, and unfortunately, most likely won’t. When you break up with someone, there’s always a reason and eventually one person comes to a realization that the fights and such are just not worth it. If you break up with someone once, chances are it’ll happen again, so save yourself the time, effort, and emotional pain and don’t stretch things out after they’re over.

source: College whiz

109 comments on “Tips For All College Relationships

  • I gotta agree with the 7th tip. This happens quite a lot with people I know, mostly friends. People in a relationship should never prioritize his/her lover before his/her friends (might include school stuffs and family). As what is said here, nothing last forever, mainly these romantic relationships. Besides, when a relationship goes “KABOOM” who would be there for you? Not that person who BROKE UP with you. But instead, those who came before that person, and who is willing to be with you forever… Yes, those are friends.

    So basically, doing the former is a big No-No because it ruins trust and social connections… Before thinking of doing that, think about those people WHO ARE REALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU 😀


  • I agree with 1-9. It’s about living YOUR life and bringing value to your partner as he/she brings value to you. It has to be win/win or no deal, or things will just continue to get worse. Take a look at this movie to see what I mean… A college relationship enters the “real-world”: INCREDIBLY SMALL


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