Eight (8) Reasons why Ginger Needs to Be A Must Have in Every Home

Published December 22, 2012 by teacher dahl

 Eight (8) Reasons  why Ginger Needs to Be A Must Have in Every Home

I’m a huge ginger fan, and strongly feel that it’s a must have for every home. With over 100 different medicinal uses, this is one powerhouse to acquire NOW!

1.) Digestion. First on the list and one of the oldest hand-me-down remedies is ginger’s knack for eliminating indigestion and soothing upset stomachs. Not only will it help you digest your dinner quicker, it will assist in nutrient absorption. Over long term periods, it can even restore proper digestion and kick out parasites and reduce ulcers to smudge.

2.) Nausea. Are you pregnant? Do you succumb to car sickness easily? Does the thought of anchovies on pizza make your stomach turn? You definitely need this in the house. Ginger has the ability to make symptoms of nausea disappear. It has even been tested for success in extreme cases and post-chemo patients!

3.) Asthma. This is one that really hits close to home. Along with aiding digestion, ginger can loosen up mucus due to sinusitis and also thin the mucus sitting in your bronchial tubes causing asthma flare-ups or attacks and, in turn increase lung capacity. I used to sit and converse among my Korean co-workers while sporting a knob of ginger and a knife eating slice after slice to lessen the possibility of an attack. Let’s just say they had a few good laughs because that Korean ginger was spiiiiiiicy!

4.) Inflammation. This is the body’s natural response to injury, infection, pathogens or even an autoimmune reaction. Chronic inflammation can lead to cancer, but with ginger in the house, we can put a stop to that! Ginger makes a happy body that prevents cancer cell growth and even puts a stop to its spread.

5.) Pain. Yes, it hurts. But fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, sore throats and muscles have all shown to be dramatically relieved due to ginger. In many cases, it’s the inflammation that causes swelling and pain, which ginger greatly reduces. Hey, the French knew it and now you do too!

6.) Circulation. Chinese tonics use ginger to boost heart strength and increase blood flow. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, ginger helps to create an optimum network of strong arteries. And remember, increased blood flow also improves the rehabilitation of injuries; the more blood to an area the better. Are you listening you NFLers you?

7.) Immune system. After all this info, this one might seem like a no-brainer. But, did you know that ginger is also an antiseptic? It fights infectious diseases and kills nasty microorganisms that slow down your bodies ability to fight. Your white blood cells could always use a hand.

8.) Antioxidants. Ginger is packed with a wide variety of antioxidants. To make a long science story short, antioxidants prevent cancer and its growth. Ginger has two of the best, in gingerol and curcumin. These guys along with their friends even clean a sticky substance found surrounding nerve cells in the brain called amyloid plaque. This stuff causes memory loss, brain degeneration, and even leads to Alzheimer’s!

That’s 8! And I didn’t even get into ginger’s aphrodisiac powers! Maybe I should have put that into #6… I think you can see where that might be going.

So, what are some of the quickest ways to get more ginger into your life?

Cook it!
Slice it off and eat it raw!
Juice it!
Peel it, slice it long ways, and boil it down as a tea, just make it extra strong and dilute with honey or warm water afterwards. And don’t forget to throw the leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow! It steeps while you sleep!
So everyone, what are you waiting for? Get more ginger into your fridge and into your body! Can you really afford not to?

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