Milkshakes: What flavor do you like?

Published December 19, 2012 by teacher dahl

Ice cream by itself is hard on most diets, but when it is used to make a delicious fast food milkshake,

the fat and calorie figures become staggering.

A restaurant milkshake will pack on far more calories than a dessert of a fudge sundae

or a cup of ice cream of exactly the same size.

A large (32 oz) Chocolate Triple Thick Shake from McDonald’s has 1,160 calories and 27 g of fat.
A large Strawberry Hand Spun Shake from Burger King has 820 calories and 23 g of fat.
A large (24 oz) Chocolate Ice Cream Shake from Jack in the Box has 1,147 calories and 55 g of fat!
Drinking as few as two milkshakes each week could lead to a net gain of two to three pounds in a month.



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